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why live streaM?


With the prevalence of high speed data, smart phones and computers in our society, live streaming has a huge audience! Include more people in your event who wouldn’t be able to attend otherwise.


With COVID-19 changing the way our society works, live streaming has never been more popular. Engage your audience over the internet with a professional broadcast from Columbus Live Stream for your next event!





Our experience in live streaming will ensure that your event is successful. We will focus on the broadcast and you get to focus on your event.

Aaron Crabtree has more than 10 years of experience producing video in the Columbus area. Over the past three years he has produced many live stream broadcasts over the internet in sporting events, worship services, weddings, funerals, and corporate events. His technical expertise will ensure that your event comes off as smoothly as possible!

Aaron Crabtree

Aaron Crabtree

Technical Director